Running an SME is no easy feat, the success of which boils down to one critical aspect – money management. Our programme will outline the framework for a solid financial future with healthy profit margins to keep a business viable and attractive for future investors.


There’s no escaping technology. Digital transformation can improve operational efficiency, simplify archaic internal processes, and help a business scale sensibly, irrespective of its sector. Our discussions will reveal practical examples and benefits of using 4IR technologies.


Legal is a pressing theme that we’ll explore with our audience to help them mitigate contractual risks, avoid commercial disputes, and understand the regional law and its implications to forge better partnerships.


As part of the wider ESG spectrum, we aim to educate business owners on how they can make transformative and sustainable decisions to help grow their business into the future. With sustainable investing becoming more and more mainstream, there is no better time to incorporate a business plan for the planet into that of a business.


A motivated, self-driven team with largely limited resources is usually the crux of an SME. Our programmes will recommend decisive policies to protect human capital so SME’s can embed an inclusive growth mindset.


Our programme will guide leadership teams to embrace change and good governance, swiftly and effectively. Early adopters of the latest ESG trends can remodel their business for greater top-line growth, reduced operating costs, and can better adapt to regulatory and legal challenges.