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What Bait Al Kandora’s second win for ‘Emirati Business of the Year’ means to its founder



A confirmation like no other for the SME’s mantra ‘Wear it with Pride’

3 years ago, on the eve of October 11, 2017, our men’s high fashion brand, Bait Al Kandora was awarded the coveted title of ‘Emirati Business of the Year 2017′ by two of the industry’s most respected business entities, Gulf Capital and MEED.

Back then, the significance of this award represented an achievement, a milestone in building an outstanding Emirati brand with an in-store and online experience that meets the highest international standards in quality and performance.

There were those who attributed this win to beginners’ luck, but in our shoes, in those first 3 years, there was nothing but hard work and resilience despite the unique challenges we faced. During that initial startup period, Bait Al Kandora established the UAE’s first online fashion store for GCC/Emirati fashion, and by the end of this period, and with 5 stores launched, it became the fastest growing menswear brand in the country.

3 years later, of which 2020 had an infamous starring role, with its massive disruption and subsequent behavioral change, we have put our best foot forward and our rigorous modus operandi to the test, with 7 stores strong and growing and…came out on top, again.

As I write this, Bait Al Kandora has been bestowed for the second time as Gulf Capital & MEED’s Emirati Business of the Year for 2020, further validating all our efforts and cementing an especially important fact: That our hard work and commitment towards the ever-changing needs of the modern Emirati man and our methods of fulfilling those needs, be it through robust e-commerce solutions, personalized customer service, engaging brand experiences across an ever-growing number of retail and online channels and, continuously raising the bar with attainable high-end quality products is second to none in the region.

These awards are acknowledgments for achieving what we set out to do. Be our customers’ most loved, trusted, and sought after Emirati Fashion brand. A brand that holds Emirati fashion in the highest regard and enriches lives with beauty, craftsmanship, heritage, and pride. It has and always will be our benchmark for success.

I recall when we launched Bait Al Kandora 6 years ago, we adopted the catchphrase “Wear it with Pride”.

Today, this phrase continues to be relevant. We wear this second award with pride because of our nation, and customers have and will always be our most precious symbol of pride.

This is just a chapter in our journey with more, bigger, better things to come.

Authored by Khaled Al Huraimel, Founder and Chairman, Bait Al Kandora.


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