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Traceability is a key enabler of digital transformation – Verofax

Sustainable Business of the Year 2021





About Verofax

Verofax is a Digital Asset Management solution provider, validated and available across Europe, Asia and the Middle East over multiple cloud environments.  Verofax helps businesses achieve sustainable supply chains, one-to-one engagement with customers, and complete traceability across operations. Verofax is a Microsoft co-selling gold partner whose solutions are also published to the Azure AppSource marketplace.  Verofax is a Cosell partner globally with Amazon’s AWS, SAP, and Ant Group.

Co-Founder and CEO Wassim Merheby stated that, “Traceability plays a key role in upgrading brand owners’ business through authenticity validation, advanced product marketing and access to financing and global markets. Traceability is a key enabler of digital transformation to automated and resilient supply chain services. It is just a matter of time for Traceability to become a must.”

Journey to success:

AURI & Verofax

Verofax, in partnership with AURI,  is launching an Asset Digitization and Traceability App for sustainable product passporting. AURI and Verofax have teamed up to provide consumers with a seamless application to validate brand claims and increase direct engagement. Participating brands and suppliers will stand to benefit from greater trust and confidence when selling on AURI’s lifestyle online store and be able to validate claims using the Verofax App.

Tracer-Tech & Verofax
Verofax’s is powering Tracer’s new food safety and traceability application, that enables consumers to choose food items based on their personal preferences such as freshness, sustainability and ethical sourcing, in a differentiated interface that drives satisfaction and loyalty. Capitalizing on a fast-growing fine food market that’s expected to hit $160+ bn this year, supported by Verofax technology, Tracer is also launching a fine-food marketplace with traceability as a cornerstone of the offering.

Stonses & Verofax

Verofax is powering Stonses’ memorial platform, which enables users to create unique digital identities with real-world objects.  The Stonses platform is built on top of Verofax’s immutable blockchain application, which brings decentralized trust and verifiability to digital objects.

Regional benefits

We believe that being part of the one of the fastest growing and most dynamic markets in the world has fast tracked our growth and progress.  The advanced infrastructure of the UAE and the support by the government has been an integral part in building our technology and capabilities by opening direct channels of communication and cooperation with the public and private sector.


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