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The Power Of ‘Hello’



Discussing the strategy behind Ascentia Services’s contact center management

Contact centers are stereotypically seen as home to monotonous scripts and unmotivated workers, who count the seconds until the end of their shift. They are seen as a necessity, and therefore efforts to enhance the empathy found within a call center are often put on the back burner. Instead, the focus is always on technical advancements and digital solutions to create faster, more effective services.

At Ascentia, our approach towards contact center management focuses on both human interaction and the technical aspect. While our era has presented many digitised solutions to somehow replace human contact, we foresaw a comeback to the need for personal, empathetic exchange and dialogue. And so, we offer contact center services at the cutting edge of digital integration, while ensuring that our businesses are presented in their best possible light, even through the power of a simple hello.

2020 has taught us much about the human craving for interaction, interfering with a notion that the world was brimming with introverts. Real-life contact was scarce and is therefore now more valuable. Now, many of us are going back to basics across our family, social and professional circles, and realize the impact of a genuine “how are you?”

We carried this realization throughout 2020, and through our robust technical infrastructure, we were able to mitigate the challenges and adapt our contact centers to our remote, work-from-home model. Throughout this, we ensured our staff was comfortable, well equipped and aware of their responsibility to reach out to people at a time when interactions were limited.

Our UAE contact center clients proudly include government entities. Each client, whether government or private sector, requires tailor-made specifications for the management of their contact centers. We at Ascentia do not shy to be innovative – be it an innovative business model, a technological innovation, or a process innovation – we tend to evaluate optimum strategies to execute better solutions for our clients, and this particularly relevant in contact centers of the future. While chatbots and virtual assistants have a rightful position in the market, we have recorded a trend among our clients – the need for a hybrid model, a mix between the old fashioned and the virtual. And this applies internally as well. Yes, our contact center agents worked remotely for a long period during 2020, but Ascentia insisted on the creation of a remote community that interacted, engaged and problem solved together making our clients’ customers feel this sense of unity when they called.

Going back to basics is certainly a lesson well-learned from 2020 – a lesson to carry forward through Ascentia’s journey.

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