Saeed Alnofeli is the Director of in5 and joined the business incubator with a mandate to drive innovation across Dubai’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in 2020. He is responsible for supporting startups
and members of the enabling platform by turning early-stage startups into commercially viable ventures.

With 15 years of commercial, telecommunications, technology, and command and control systems experience, Saeed’s unique skillset has enabled local firms to take their idea from concept to prototype
to market.

Prior to joining in5, he worked with the Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center as a Programs Manager where he trained, mentored, and graduated over 100 startups at the pre-seed and seed stage. As Co-Founder and
CEO of tech startup Jamalytic, which has brought cutting-edge data analytics capabilities to the billion-dollar camel racing industry, Saeed has a track record of developing successful homegrown companies
and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship in the UAE.

He holds a Master’s in Engineering Systems and Management with a specialisation in technology management, innovation and entrepreneurship from the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. He
earned his Bachelor’s degree in Security and Network Technologies from Zayed University.