Dr Lejla Vrazalic is currently an Education Adviser and Consultant based in Dubai Knowledge Village, providing independent advice and customised services to education providers in the UAE ranging from feasibility studies and regulatory requirements to strategic planning and capacity building.  Prior to this, Lejla was the Campus Programme Co-ordinator for Business and IT programmes at Middlesex University in Dubai (2008-2014) and the Chair of the College of Business at the University of Wollongong in Dubai (2004-2008). Lejla has almost twenty years of experience in the higher education sector, having held various positions and taught in the UAE, Australia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Her research expertise is in the area of e-commerce adoption in SMEs and she has carried out a number of studies in Australia, the USA and Sweden examining the use of e-business by small businesses. The results of these studies have been published in several books, journal articles and conference proceedings, and also formed the basis for a number of consulting projects and training workshops for SMEs in the use of IT. Lejla was awarded a Citation for Educational Leadership by the Carrick Institute for Learning and Teaching in Higher Education in Australia in 2006, and in 2004 she received the Australian Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in Business Community Partnerships. Lejla holds a PhD in information systems from the University of Wollongong in Australia.