Debbie is a body of curiosity and vitality.

To evolve those qualities, her life has been a pathway of consistent learning, development and personal challenge. Initially, commencing her career as a teacher in her native Australia, she recognized there was a pull from ‘the world outside of the school environment’, which allowed her to experience her next-step into a corporate journey, as trainer, senior facilitator, board member and coach firstly in a single-unit role progressing to a global leadership role overseeing 600 units, working across four continents over the subsequent 15 years.

With change in her blood and success already bottled, it was time to stretch and grow further into the land of entrepreneurship. With this, her next venture and business (‘business en motion’) was born 15 years ago, based in Dubai’s Knowledge Park, now serving across the Arab world and currently expanding into China and Australia. It builds organizational frameworks, systems, cultures and leader capability through business consultancy (solutions), coaching and learning services across the arenas of change, strategy and leadership. All services apply to a myriad of industries, currently assisting clients in the shipping, logistics,
retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, government, piping and technical supplies arenas.

Through this experience, she drew upon knowledge from both a Masters of Applied Linguistics and a Masters of Online Education, along with professional qualifications of Change Practitioner, CTI coaching accreditation and Certified Master for ‘The Leadership Challenge’. Her professional passion is the corporate business world, and the opportunity ‘disconnected leaders and businesses’ present to her. Measured corporate and leader outcomes soar to new heights as results of her inputs and initiatives. Her personal passion is physical challenge in the great outdoors, such as sea caving in Cyprus, trekking Mont
Blanc and the Arctic and pushing here on various via-ferrata mechanisms to scale cliff faces in

An individual with high energy, strong focus and a dedication to personal and professional
transformation, Debbie invites all to connect with her strong spirit and energy.