Sustainable Business of the Year


Name Range Discount
QTY based Discount 2 - 999 8.333333333333332 %
QTY based Discount 3 - 999 16.666666666666664 %
QTY based Discount 4 - 999 25 %
QTY based Discount 5 - 999 33.33333333333333 %



This award will go to the organization that can best demonstrate harmony between profitability, social commitment and environmental concern. The winner will be the business that gives evidence on how it positively impacts local and/or global society and environment while using its own resources economically.

Judges will look for evidence of how the sustainable business has reduced any negative environmental impacts and ethically addressed socio-economic implications across the value chain. Additionally, judges will consider how the business has improved one or more of the following areas: customer perception, staff engagement and treatment, commercial performance, and environmental stewardship.

Companies that do not have a proper sustainability strategy in place will not be eligible for this award.

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