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Preserving “One Team, One Dream”



Ascentia Services’ growth story in two years, through the power of one team having a single dream.

As a UAE-headquartered provider of consulting services and delivery solutions, our offering to businesses carried heavy responsibilities. Promising that our solutions would bring success to any business is no simple promise. But at Ascentia it was powered by a single dream that geared the company towards progress and expansion in just two short years.

Since its inception in 2018, Ascentia Services has grown significantly in both reputation and size. We have continued to strengthen our commitment to understanding client requirements and have developed our products and services in BPO, IT, human resource outsourcing, and BFSI sector to become a true ‘one-stop-shop’. Ascentia initially had 4 members, now reaching 627 members in 29 months, with 29 logos and three different verticals.

A wide portfolio of offerings has helped: the company provides contact center management, banking & collection, human resource outsourcing, IT, and hiring and placement services. But with so much to offer, it was always a risk to lose focus on our single dream vision of bringing success to a business. How do we keep holding onto this focus? It is important to always place yourself in the client’s footsteps to actually envisage yourself as the client in need. And what do they need? Cost-effective, professional services. The word ‘outsource’ itself carries so much weight to many, it means an entire burden being lifted. It means that the struggle to be high-quality, advanced technology solutions is no longer their own struggle; it is shared with an outsourced support stakeholder that knows what it is doing. We ask our clients to trust in our solutions through our demos and trials because gaining their confidence allows us to go full throttle and push their business to its full capacity.

But how does one ensure that this single dream is not just projected externally, but trickles down internally within the organization? It would be a mistruth if we did not admit to the power of motivational and aspirational quotes frequently shared among us. But ultimately, it is the notion of protecting what we have created and making our employees feel they must protect what they themselves create every single day. It is a far cry from burdening them with responsibilities; it is more about handing them these responsibilities and telling them to own their decisions. We have found this technique to not only boost morale but arm our staff with the same integrity and entrepreneurial spirit that we had at inception.

How to carry this forward as our company expands will be a challenge that we will rise to. There are advantages to the SME family culture that so many small businesses have, but these advantages can be preserved through ensuring new hires are on board to our ‘one team, one dream’ streamlined concept.

Ascentia Services is a UAE-headquartered provider of Consulting Services and Delivery Solutions


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