SME Awards Mentoring Programme​

Some of the winners of the 2022 awards will be given the opportunity to participate in our inaugural mentoring programme.  The programme is supported by a team of volunteer mentors from a range of our 2022 event partners.  Winners will be able to apply for mentorship after the awards reception on 09 November 2022.  On reviewing entry forms and mentorship applications our mentors will be given the chance to select the mentee they feel they are most able to support.

Why apply for a mentor?

Mentorship helps you navigate the ups and downs of managing a business. With a great mentor, you can learn lessons from their experiences and ask for valuable tips and advice.

One mentor does not fit all.  You should build a bench of trusted advisors to whom you are able to turn with discussions tailored to their specific skills, knowledge, and experience.

There is no doubt that the lines between mentoring and networking are blurring. The relationship between mentor and mentee should be an open channel that runs both ways.

Become a mentor

If you have any questions about the mentoring programme please contact: Sonia Kerrigan, Group Commercial Director. MEED Media FZ LLC.