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IQ Fulfillment expands influence and solutions through the launch of IQ Hybrid





IQ Fulfillment expands influence and solutions through the launch of IQ Hybrid at Hypermotion Dubai taking place at Expo 2020

IQ Fulfillment, the first robotic fulfilment solution in the MENA region, is expanding upon its solutions by launching IQ Hybrid, a licensing model for the IQ Fulfillment solution that utilises IQ’s technology and modular processes and can be implemented instantly.

This unique plug-and-play model, launched at Hypermotion Dubai – Expo 2020 on 2 November, 2021, delivers a rapid roll-out of an end-to-end micro-fulfillment solution for businesses through robotics, warehouse automation, IQ’s platform that offers multiple micro-services, Standard Operating Procedures and blueprint manuals that form the  bases of an exceptional customer experience.. IQ Hybrid will also present training and development for businesses to optimise operations, enabling both e-commerce sellers and fulfillment centres to scale. IQ Hybrid will promote and allow for an ecosystem where IQ partners benefit from a connected network of technology, clients, services and resources.

Fadi Amoudi, CEO of IQ Fulfillment, said: “Based on a report by Euromonitor, e-commerce trends expected to gain momentum with consumers include quicker, safer, and more intuitive and personalised experiences. We have seen a lot of interest from over ten countries for our solution, and to represent IQ Hybrid in their market to ensure growth for businesses and their end-consumer.  Hypermotion Dubai’s first event taking place at Expo 2020 represents an exceptional platform to launch IQ Hybrid as it brings together industry pioneers and SMEs who are harnessing disruptive digital technologies for the future of logistics. With IQ Hybrid, businesses can unlock global growth through its partner ecosystem and core markets in as little as 24 hours; generate revenue from day one; and benefit from seamless and centralized innovation, technology and R&D.”

IQ Fulfillment puts technology at the centre of its work within an ecosystem that would enable SMEs and e-commerce businesses to unlock their growth and scale their business seamlessly.

About IQ Holding:

IQ Holding founded in 2018 by Fadi Amoudi, is the parent company of three brands within the supply chain and logistics industry: IQ Robotics, IQ Fulfillment and IQ Express, which cover technology, fulfillment and last mile respectively.


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