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Embracing creativity & technology to transform the cleaning services industry



Ever since the global pandemic shrouded the entire world, there was a distinctive need to stand out from the competitive fray especially in the highly saturated cleaning industry.

There is no denying the fact that COVID-19 had an omnipresent impact on businesses irrespective of size and scope.  Crystalblu was able to successfully navigate and weather headwinds primarily by focusing on three of its most essential brand values i.e. creativity, progressive thinking, and quality.

As a service provider, we have always differentiated ourselves from mass marketers through driving and delivering creativity & quality. Embracing technology and harnessing its power to educate and reach out to prospective clients in a progressive and empowering manner led us to not only sustain but also grow our client base and services.

Though digital transformation is evident in the times we live today, a deluge of service providers are still unable to exploit the technology and content and are thus devoid of their true potential.

Crystalblu since its inception has adopted technology as an acute aspect of its business and used contextual, data-driven, and inbound marketing as its driving force to secure and retain business.  A strong emphasis on content, authentic imagery, and engaging video content helped the company to not only drive consideration for our clients but also register a strong impact on them through effective customer touchpoints and conversions.  Intelligent use of digital marketing communication channels for clear audience segmentation, remarketing, and creative techniques to deliver our brand message secured significant success for the company.

While 2020 was an extremely challenging year for the cleaning industry and our company, we look back at the pivotal learnings that succored us to be more proactive, resilient, and innovative in our approach especially through creative marketing communications.  We never envisioned ourselves as mass marketers, instead had a very clear segmentation of clients, be it for cleaning, disinfection, marble, or upholstery.  Our strong success through careful targeting in 2020 was a positive testament to both ourselves and our clients.

Authored by Fahad Shaukat, Managing Partner, Crystalblu Cleaning Services LLC.

About Crystalblu – Crystalblu Cleaning Services was formed in 2015 in Dubai.  We specialize in a wide spectrum of cleaning and several horizontal business services ranging from home and office cleaning (residential and commercial cleaning), deep cleaning services, disinfection services, marble, granite, and other stones’ polishing, grinding, crystallization, sealing, and repair, upholstery cleaning, paint and pest control services.


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