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Develop in Dubai: Tridel’s approach to sustainability



Tridel Technologies began five years ago in Dubai, with a passion for developing innovative solutions for environmental monitoring. Dubai, with its world class infrastructure and quest for absorbing the latest technologies, provided an ideal location for the evolution of Tridel Technologies. Dubai has a reputation for superlatives, and Tridel over the last five years has delivered over 60 projects, including some of the most exemplary projects in the field of environmental monitoring.

Our journey started with the maintenance of the Dubai weather system, which is among the world’s best weather forecasting and monitoring systems. The forecasts include specialised parameters such as fog and sandstorms, in addition to standard weather parameters.

The next prominent projects that Tridel has been part of, and was reflective of the perspective vision of the leadership of Dubai, were:

  • Hydrographic survey of Dubai waters for developing an integrated marine database for sustainable development of Dubai’s marine resources. The two-year project, involving multiple survey vessels, made Dubai the first in the region to have mapped its entire territorial waters.
  • Baseline biodiversity survey of Dubai emirate, a multi-season survey program involving the collection of information on flora & fauna covering the entire terrestrial and marine territory of Dubai.
  • Integrated Fisheries Management Plan to help define criteria and to provide guidance for sustainable development of fishery resources in Dubai waters. It was one of the largest fisheries studies in the region, with integrated fishery surveys, landing site surveys, biological assessments, and socio-economic surveys.
  • Groundwater assessment through a network of more than 70 monitoring stations spread across the Emirate with a centralised database for management of water levels and water quality data, with capability for geospatial data analysis and mapping.

In addition to the physical part of the programs, there was a requirement to present the information in an intuitive and readily understood manner. With the data being geographically distributed across the emirate, there has also been a strong geospatial (GIS) component to the solutions.

Each project that Tridel has undertaken has included a wide scope of technological intervention and software development. For this reason, Tridel has taken a “vertical investment” approach. This has allowed Tridel to customise each solution to the exact requirements of the project, address specific client requirements, and enhance the products over time.  Over the years, in addition to some customised solutions, Tridel has developed and delivered multiple world-class products to its customers that have met with much positive feedback from the local geoscience community. Some of the pioneering products are:

Tridel Survey Management Suite (TSMS). A product developed for real-time monitoring of hydrographic survey data collection programs. The application is featured with User Management, Vessel Management, Live Survey planning, User Authentication, Remote Access, Report Management, Project Planning, Project Status, Document Management, and a multi-tier submission approval system

Tridel Environment Monitoring System (TEMS).   A customized solution for collection, database management, statistical analysis and publication of air quality, meteorological, oceanographic and water quality data.

eSPECIA. A multiplatform solution developed using open source GIS, eSPECIA supports recording species observations in terrestrial as well as marine landscapes, including maintaining seasonal and annual data processes. eSPECIA enables field data capture using mobile devices as well as links to an archival database to permit species data analysis and output results in various formats.

ATtide. ATtide is a tide data analysis and prediction tool that encompasses some of the latest data processing and modelling algorithms, as well as ocean model outputs, making it a complete solution for tide data analysis and prediction with customised interface for data presentation and exchange.

The environmental monitoring solutions that we have developed for Dubai could easily be upscaled to support the sustainable development of larger communities. In this quest, Tridel Technologies has recently established offices in Australia and India to promote its solutions to the Far East and South Asian region.

Our motivation has always been the feedback and encouragement received from our valued customers, who have given us specific challenges to address and have been part of this successful journey so far. It is an honour to present below testimonial from Dubai Municipality,

“Tridel Technologies offers a range of experience and capabilities and has delivered high-quality projects which enabled them to gain Dubai Municipality’s trust. In addition to the exceptional communication and support, Tridel Technologies offers a wide range of technological advancements and cutting-edge services in the environmental field. Dubai Municipality was delighted to work with Tridel Technologies to successfully inaugurate the Dubai Municipality Odour Monitoring Network and upgrade the Dubai Air Environment website. Dubai Municipality team looks with excitement towards the future successful collaborations.” – Hind Mahmoud Mahaba, Head of Environmental Planning and Studies (EPSS), Dubai Municipality-Environment Department, Dubai.



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