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Tahany Taher


While the pandemic had confined & limited us in several ways, it also became a catalyst towards motivating people across the globe for a positive change towards the health of the people & the future of the planet. Giving rise to several small business’ an opportunity to see their vision become a reality.

Our story began on a similar note….

In addition to the ongoing challenges of the pandemic, reports from 2017 onwards suggested that over 30% of adults faced several health issues such as obesity or diabetes, due to unhealthy lifestyles. It was no surprise that the lockdown further caused many to resort towards even more unhealthy lifestyle.

These alarming statistics pushed one family to utilise their time & resources for an immediate solution. This led to the birth of Hayawiia in the UAE- Derived from the Arabic term for health, vitaliy & vigour; an Emirati female founded concept offering a selection of flavour-packed, premium products that are organic, vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, wheat or grain-free, low carb and keto-friendly lifestyle options. As well as chemical free, natural & cruelty-free beauty & skincare. Starting with just over 1000+ SKUs in May 2021, now has an ever-growing portfolio of over 1800+ SKU’s. Hayawiia continues to provide, a one stop shop, for all things catering towards clean & healthy living.  Find us here:


However, healthy eating has long borne the stigma of being an expensive choice, with better-for-you options often carrying a higher price tag than their “unhealthy” counterparts. We at Hayawiia, are shattering that myth by providing high-quality products at an accessible price point for everyone. And as our motto states “live life full of flavour”, we believe in a balanced approach to nutrition with the understanding that indulging in cheat days and treats occasionally is healthy too.

Our omnichannel services incorporates the best of brick-and-mortar, TPA’s and digital experience. Uniquely positioned, we are one of the few ecommerce platforms that also provide a retail experience for consumers to touch, see and try our products before purchasing. Additionally, our approach towards personalised sampling and gifting opportunities differentiates us from regular grocery businesses. Share your stories with us on Instagram/Facebook: @hayawiiacom


We aim to break the conventional cycle of grocery shopping, by not only personalizing shopping experiences, but also building a community based on transparency and support for one another. Hosting several live or digital events (social media), such as meditation classes, motivational coaching, vendor market & more, which allow our people to build trust, connect & feel supported as well.


We expand on this vision by growing our portfolio of over 45+ exclusive brands who are vigilantly selected. Several of whom are also women owned; follow ethical and sustainable practices in production, follow social responsibility, produce products based on R&D and are certified by reliable organizations. Moreover, as a homegrown business, we work collaboratively with local homegrown businesses too, in hopes to empower the economy.

Building a better future, means actively working on actions that builds on good karma.

“Protecting the environment is the best legacy I can leave behind for my kids and the planet.”
– Tahany Taher, Co-founder of Hayawiia

Hence, sustainability is not an option but a requirement, so future generations can continue to enjoy life as we do. Our packaging is created with recyclable materials and we actively recycle/upcycle everything as an organization. Even our ‘thank you’ notes have meaning as they can be planted to grow flower or vegetables! Moreover, we practice a zero-waste-commitment and passionately participate in CSR programs.


Being a homegrown business, diversity is part of our culture and our team represents that ethos. Our team comprises of dedicated, passionate & diverse individuals, who bring on board unique experience and calibre to promote the vision that we collectively believe in.

Today, we are proud to announce that our collective efforts have brought home to us the “Gulf SME Awards for Start Up Business Of The Year 2021”, as we continue to persevere every challenge & providing for the community at large.

We are extremely grateful towards Gulf Capital & Meed for providing SME’s like ourselves the opportunities for recognition & supporting the growth of our vision with an award!

-Author, Team Hayawiia



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