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7 Ways IntelliSoft’s autoExpress™ can transform your auto dealership



The auto industry is one of the fastest-growing industry segments, with 60 million projected sales for passenger cars in 2020. Coincidentally, it is also one of the largest economic sectors by Revenue worldwide and is one of the least affected industry segments due to COVID-19. With the demand for passenger cars and commercial vehicles going up, automotive dealers are competing to meet customer demands and assuring them a top-notch experience. For several years, they have been using various software solutions and manual documents to serve customers. However, these solutions are not sufficient to cope with ever-increasing customer expectations and meet the challenges of changing the automotive landscape. The shift in automotive customer buying habits and expectations has unearthed some critical challenges for traditionally run dealerships – including a threat to their existence. The ever-expanding digital market has allowed customers to compare models at their leisure. With innovation in the automotive industry, customer expectations and mindset has changed over the years. Connected vehicles, Car-pooling, Autonomous cars, Electric cars are changing the automotive landscape. Service Organizations such as Uber, Ekar & Udrive provide flexibility and convenience to end customers without owning a vehicle.

Therefore, the need for new technologies and functionalities has emerged to cope with a vast customer base’s desire. Traditional applications use RDBMS and transactional approach, limiting the organizational capability to meet current customer expectations. Digital adoption is vital to run a successful business, especially in our rapidly changing environment. This is where IntelliSoft’s autoExpress promises to make a difference. We realized a good potential and built a package solution autoExpress, a Dealer Management System for Automotive and Heavy Equipment Dealer Business on SAP S/4 HANA platform. It helps Dealer businesses to embrace digital transformation and run better. Automotive and Heavy Equipment dealer businesses, by leveraging our industry-specific Fiori UI Apps, Web Apps, and Mobile Apps, greatly enhance Customer Experience and Optimize Operations. The functions and features aim to increase Revenue by empowering the sales team to sell more and reduce operations costs due to automation.

autoExpress – a DMS built on SAP’s S/4HANA platform and applications, enables automotive dealers to reach out to prospects, engage them with market insight, maximize Revenue and profits, improve customer satisfaction, streamline existing workloads, reveal optimal decisions and capitalize on digitally transformed business models. autoExpress™ is delivered with Best Practice Configuration & Documentation, which reduces the duration of adoption and, therefore, the implementation cost.

The autoExpress solution is built on SAP Platform, and hence it is a scalable platform with localization in over more than 80 counties. It is available in multiple languages and thus a perfect application for global acceptability. Considering this potential and our expertise in the field, IntelliSoft invested in putting together the best practice to reduce implementation costs. We decided to offer the application on the OPEX model and eliminated substantial initial outlay. Since SAP S/4 HANA utilizes the underlying digital platform HANA, our offering is based on the latest platform incorporating Artificial intelligence and Machine learning.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose autoExpress   

  1. autoExpress is built on SAP’s S4/HANA platform, eliminating the need for using multiple systems, as users can use the single system as ERP and DMS.
  2. Solution based on SAP S/4 HANA Platform incorporating AI, ML, Mobility, and Embedded Analytics to understand changing trends and customer behavior- Adopting Digital technology helps Dealers grow business in the Digital Era.
  3. This scalable tier-1 application assures high scalability over other DMS systems in the market.
  4. The fully integrated system enables dealers to access data related to CRM, HCM, operations, financials, procurement and inventory management and sales in one place.
  5. It enables Automotive and Heavy equipment dealers to target their prospects, engage them, and boost their loyalty through social media and campaigns.
  6. The DMS solution is offered with the Best Practice Configuration & Documentation, which helps fast track its adoption and implementation.
  7. Cloud-based offering on OPEX Model. SAP Application and database Licenses are offered on the Perpetual / Subscription model. Subscription includes Usage fee for OS, VMware, Firewall + VPN, SAP Database, SAP Application, Hosting and Infra Managed services, SAP Product, Technical & Functional Support– Eliminate CAPEX and free Cash flow to invest in your Business, lower operational cost.
  8. Out of Box future processes such as Subscriptions – Add an additional revenue stream

IntelliSoft’s autoExpress is also offered as a SaaS offering – autoExpress Cloud. Do you want to know it can add value to your auto dealership? If yes, all you have to do is get in touch with the team at IntelliSoft today.


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